Drugs and Sports

After watching the  ALCS on TBS, I was shocked to see  whiskey commercials on TBS.. I know baseball is a business and alcohol is a legal drug for anyone over 21, but there are children watching and baseball is supposed to be ” Family Oriented” viewing.. I know baseball games have been sponsored by beer companies since ‘God knows when”, but isn’t it time that baseball stops promoting alcohol.. Kids see there heroes being sponsored by legal drug commercials and think athleltics and sports go hand in hand.. When it is just the opposite, alcohol causes estrogen production and turns muscles into fat.. Baseball already looks pro-drug with it’s steroid problems, now it adds hard booze.. Alcohol is not a harmless substance as suggested by the latest British Medical Journal ( The Lancet, 1/1/10).. I would like to see Yankee Games sponsored by healthy products that enhance health and fitness. But I know baseball is a business and will take the money and look the other way.. The Jim Leyritz DUI trial should help emphasize the dangers of drinking.. When one drinks alcohol the percentages go up that one will not be thinking correctly and do or say something stupid.. To me, sports and drugs do not mix!  Just my opinion..


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